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Mobile Apps & Website Maintenance

The mobile apps and website application design aim to promote the company’s services and products to customers. More importantly, it effectively supports online business.

More than a fabulous design is required to achieve that goal; your application must be taken care of in the most comprehensive way possible, continuously innovating and providing customers with the most complete, accurate, and professional information.

BITI HighTech takes care of your application for adequate optimization, increasing the number of interactions with customers and increasing Google visibility. – “We take good care of your business technology solutions. So, you have nothing to worry about but driving more sales,” – Kevin, BITI’s Director, commented.

Why is Maintenance So Important?

There needs to be more than just having an excellent mobile application or website. It is necessary to post articles on the website so that Google and customers know about your activities. Standard SEO articles are articles that ensure content for readers but also ensure Google's friendliness, such as inserting suitable keywords and using semantic titles.
Social media platforms capture attention, drive brand awareness, and bring products to life, so published content shall entertain, educate, and inspire your audience.
Banners or images for the website and Facebook Fanpages effectively boost advertising and customer experience. They present either by showcasing your products or services, displaying your brand, or helping your users have better navigation on the site by showing the essential things on your banner.
To let a website gain a higher ranking in the search engines, it must regularly produce lots of content about the latest company activities. Including the blog or news on your leading site helps increase Google's crawling frequency because Google determines the quality of your site before returning to people. As a result, the primary purpose of your site's news and blog section is to add valued content.
Keeping apps updated on your users' devices gives them access to the latest features while improving app security and stability.

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To ensure your business run smoothly under technology solutions, you need a professional team to handle the service care plan for your mobile apps and website.
Instead of hiring a couple of employees with high-salary expenses, BITI HighTech has large teams skilled with rich experience in maintaining your applications without issues. - “BITI HighTech has been one of the most effective business technology solutions for over a decade. We are confident of minimizing your cost, but maximize performance and seamless operation.” - David Nguyen - BITI’s CEO, stated.

Professional branding website

When the website is taken care of, the website will become professional with the greatest of company information and activities, helping to increase the credibility of customers for the business. In addition, when customers need to search for information about products, the customer's first action is to search for information on the Internet and Google.

Optimize, get to the top of Google

When updated and managed continuously, the website will be at the top of Google Search, expand possibilities for your consumers to know your service and company, and generate internet revenue.

Brand Identity

One benefit of website care is that it builds a distinctive online brand when the image of the business and product information is always present and impresses customers to visit, making them always remember your brand.

Expanding markets and sales channels

Primarily, when the Mobile Apps and Websites are taken care of and maintained continuously, they will operate 24/7, keep up with the latest updates and functionalities, and customers will enjoy their experience. As a result, this helps you expand your business offline to online; you have a new sales channel and access to a vibrant new market.