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5 essential components of a website
  •  14/01/2023
  •  Uyen Ngo
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5 essential components of a website

Website is a concept that is not very strange to users, so have you ever wondered what the basic components that make a website work? In this article, I will help you answer those, the following knowledge will be useful for you.


1. Web hosting

First, the basic component that makes a website work is web hosting:

Web hosting is known as a web server, which is connected and linked to an extended computer network. The web server is set up with programs to serve the web, is the place to store all the data and holds the management rights.

basic components
Web hosting

The server needs large capacity and high speed to store and operate the data warehouse. The web server can take the request information from the web browser and send the response to the client via HTTP or other protocols.

Suggest the most used web hosting today: Apache, LiteSpeed, Nginx, IIs…

2. Domain

The domain name is roughly understood as your home address. You cannot register the same domain name for multiple websites. A website has a unique domain name. (eg: Facebook.com)

basic components

3. Database

– Includes: User data and website data

+ User data: Information about the user such as: Username, password, activity log, etc.

+ Website data: is all information, images, articles, videos … stored on the web server

In this day and age, data is one of the significant things for any organization, so it is also indispensable in the basic components that make a website work.

4. Source code

Source code is a technical term known as a sequence of statements written in a certain programming language.

The source code of a computer program is a set of files that can be converted from a human-readable form to a machine executable form.

The source code contains the content, images, and functions displayed for visitors to view and read. Web programmers are people who write commands for the web, the commands can be simple or complex depending on the website functions.

In addition, the content on the website is displayed thanks to these commands. However, users will not see those commands but only content such as articles, videos, images, etc.

The description shows how important the source code is in the 6 basic components that make a website work.

5. User interface

One of the basic components that make a website work is the user interface, also known as the website’s facade, where the user is seen and interacted directly. In addition, it is the place to arrange the content displayed on the website, including images, articles, colors, font, ect..

Behind the interface displayed on the website are coding pieces written by programmers in HTML or other languages.


basic components

you can see, the above is a basic model of how a website works, here I will explain the model in detail:

First, I assume the user accesses the website on the chrome browser

The user will enter the website address (domain) in the search bar, here I assume the address is: https://bitihightech.com

basic components

Next, the browser will send that domain to the DNS server (domain name system server). The DNS server is responsible for resolving the domain into an IP address (for example, an IP address like: 210.216.522.142). And this IP address has already been registered, the DNS server is already saved, and it will only be used at this time.

After obtaining the IP address, the browser will send a request to retrieve information to the web server (where website information is stored). Through the IP address, the web server will output the website’s information as required (the web server will send back the files, including HTML/CSS, the necessary content, images, sounds, etc.).

Finally, the chrome browser will display the website interface that we need to access after receiving the information that the web server responds.


Thank you for following the article on the basic components of a website. Hopefully the content that BITI provides will bring you useful information, helping you better understand a website.