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What is web hosting? Web hosting service
  •  14/01/2023
  •  Uyen Ngo
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What is web hosting? Web hosting service

Web hosting service is one of the basic components to help the Website work; it is a service that keeps your Website in a state of fast and stable access. However, those who are just starting to design Website often wonder about this concept as well as how to choose the right Web hosting. Let BITI Hightech help you learn more

1. What is web hosting?

Web hosting (Hosting) is a part of the server’s storage space to help you upload data, and publish Websites or applications on the internet. Wzhen using a hosting system, you put on the provider’s server the necessary data files for your Website or online application to run. Simply put, if Website is a house, then Web hosting is the land to build that house.

web hosting

A server is a computer system that runs continuously so that your Website can be up and running at all times. Your Web Hosting provider is responsible for keeping the server up and running, resisting malicious attacks, and transferring content (text, images, files) from the server to the user’s browser..

2. 5 issues to consider when choosing a Web hosting

Good Web hosting is evaluated based on the following 5 factors: page load speed, capacity, bandwidth, load capacity and support service of the hosting provider.

2.1. Page loading speed

Page load speed is the amount of time from when an internet user starts accessing a website until the content on the web is fully displayed. In Website design, choosing a fast and stable Web hosting will help the transmission quality of the Website become fast, easy to access and satisfy customers.

2.2. Capacity

Web hosting capacity is the space in the hard drive that the server uses to store its data. So if the Website has more data, the hosting capacity must be larger. Most hosting capacity is from 1GB or more, the higher the capacity, the more expensive the price. Therefore, when designing a Website, you need to estimate the amount of space needed to be able to choose the most suitable one.

2.3. Bandwidth

Web hosting bandwidth is the amount of data exchanged between the Website and internet users in a month. For example, if you upload a document file with a size of 1MB on your Website, and 100 customers visit that page, it means that the amount of bandwidth you have consumed is 100MB within a month. Therefore, you need to measure and balance the number of visitors to your Website. If the balance is not good, the cost associated with bandwidth will be huge.

2.4. load level

Web hosting’s load capacity is the ability to allow a number of people to access the Website simultaneously. There are hosting packages that can allow thousands of people to access at the same time, and the page load speed is still very smooth. But there are hosting packages that only a few dozen people online have reported being unable to access. When conducting Website design, you should learn and refer to Web hosting packages to get the best choice.

2.5. The provider has good support service

Web hosting is one of the parts where website errors often occur. Therefore, when choosing to use Web hosting of any unit, you must carefully consider the support service and customer care team. A good web hosting service provider should have a fast and effective support team when the website has problems.

3.3. 5 Popular Web Hosting Services for Website

After understanding Web Hosting, you need to know what popular types of Hosting are available to make the right choices for you.

3.1. Dedicated Server

With this type, you will rent a separate physical server and have full access to that server. Dedicated Server will be suitable for websites with huge traffic, so the cost is often high and requires a server administrator to manage all types of hosting.

3.2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Similar to Dedicated Server, VPS is a private virtual server generated by a physical server. VPS has its own amount of resources and can be divided to host many other separate Web sites.

3.3. Shared Hosting

A server is divided into several regions of Web storage space with limited accounts for disk space, databases, and bandwidth. Therefore, Shared Hosting is cheap and easy to use, popularly used for small and medium websites.

web hosting

3.4. WordPress Hosting

As a form of Shared Hosting, this type of Hosting is specifically designed for WordPress Websites. The servers will be designed with their own configuration, with a pre-installed plugin site. As a result, your website will load faster. This type is also very cheap and easy to use.

3.5. Cloud Hosting

This is a type of Hosting where data and applications are operated on cloud computing technology. This makes Website access speed faster, and security is also much better than other types of Hosting. Although born after other traditional forms of hosting, Cloud Hosting has many advantages to become the most popular choice today.


Thus, it can be seen that each Web hosting service has its own unique characteristics as well as different features and prices. Depending on the cost limit for each Website, you can learn and ask an expert to choose a suitable Web hosting for your Website. If you are wondering about choosing the right Web hosting or simply want to design a fast, eye-catching, SEO-standard Website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with BITI so that we can advise the best solutions for your website.